Today I have been in the United States for a whole month. This experience has been a rollercoaster of emotions. Ever since I decided to go as an exchange student I have only been exited. The idea of everything being new, being in a new place, a new city and meet new people sounded so good! And it has been even better and easier than I thought it ever would be.

Everything is going very well. Im doing good in school and gym is amazing. I have gotten to know so many good and great people in school and have a few good friends now!
Been going to the movies with them and they have been showing me Sammamish, Redmond and all around town. Really great. I feel like Im getting more along to the girls at school rather then gym, I’m not really sure why, I am much more older then most of the girls in the gym thats maybe why but hopefully I will get used to it.