Time flies. It has been 4 months since I moved in with my new host family in the states. I learned something truly valuable shaping my view of the world and life.

Growing up in a very traditional Chinese family, I have developed the habit of demanding myself to achieve the perfectness. The idea has brought me more stress than real progress on my study. I always push myself to choose the hardest course. My host family helped me come to realize that high school is more than just about work.

For me it wasn't hard to let go from my family for one year, because I didn't realize that this is real. So then I flew to my new home and my new family. I didn't knew how they would react, but it was just awesome. The whole family was there, dad, mom and the two brothers.

Aloha from Hawaii!

I am now almost 2 months here and I love it. I love the island, the people are so nice here an I feel very comfortable. I have seen so many places already.