I’m doing great! I get along with everyone – especially my host family. So far, everything seems to be going very smoothly and without any bigger issues. I’ve had some great and fascinating experiences – got to see New Orleans, celebrated Thanksgiving, went on a charity run… I honestly don’t struggle with anything here and overall, I feel relaxed and laid back most of the time. I’m just really happy I got to come here and be a part of this family. Surprisingly enough, homesickness isn’t really something I’ve experienced during my stay here and trust me, I’m very much okay with that. So that’s pretty much all I wanted to say. Happy Thanksgiving!

Dear Global Horizons USA Team, 

It has been a while since my last report. So many things have happened in the past few months that I don’t know where to start. Every day seems to provide a new adventure.

By the end of September, my host sister Nora and I went to our school’s homecoming dance. That was a big day for me, because it is a tradition we don’t have in Germany. Although we lost the traditional football game, me and my date had fun at the dance. He was a football player, of course.

Moreover, I got to celebrate the first family birthdays: my host mom’s and Janie’s. I am glad they both liked my gifts I brought from Germany.

Dear Global Horizons Team,

So far I am doing good. I have a lot of fun and actually I am always busy. You can probably say that I am too busy to get homesick. Since Basketball-Season started we are usually not home until 7 or 8 pm, but I am having a good time.

I just started cheerleading and I really like it, because it is a little like the dancing I did at home so I know way more about it than I did about volleyball and I made co-captain. We still got a lot to work on, but we just started practicing some weeks ago and we will surely get better. At the last game on monday we already did our first pyramid and Mrs. Tipton seems like she has more plans about things we can do. She said if we do good she will take us yo competitions, what would be


I am doing so far good. My grades are good and I feel comfortable with my surrounding, the people in my classes and my teachers.

Also, my host family is doing good. This weekend we are going to the mountains to get our Christmas tree, I am really excited. We are a good team all together and we don’t have any problems.

The last weeks or months happened a lot of things. My host family and I went to the State Fair in Raleigh, that was amazing, there were so many people and a bunch of food. Really, I never saw so much different food at one place and also, so many different stuff. I mean, there were rollercoasters, the food, art, models or new created stuff.

Another thing is that my Cross-Country Season ended last month and we went to state. There were so many people too, parents, runners, teacher and more. We had to leave or school early at nine o’clock but it was okay because we just had a half day. We went to eat breakfast and then to Cary. Our run started