Many things have pasted like homecoming, spirit week, tons of sports events, formal days, casual days, sleepovers ect.
But to start with I go to boarding school and I absolutely love my roommate, we have our fights but she´s one of my closest friends. I have all fall season been playing varsity volley ball, even though i never played before. It was a blast and I learned a lot, and it was a great way to get into the school community, I got so many friends that I wouldn't have gotten otherwise, i even came in the local newspaper a couple times and the school paper wrote a article on me that all my teachers pulled up in class (kind of cringe, but everyone in my classes are my friends so it was funny). Even from one of the first days I arrived basketball practice started on the side, sometimes morning practice and sometimes after volleyball, but at least three times a week. Now basketball season have started for real and our team consist of 10 girls from 5-6 different country's and we only have one senior and then two freshman's and the rest of us are sophomores. I was elected the captain of the team with the senior by the team and coaches. I have gotten some amazing friends both from the basketball, who are like my sisters, and from the volleyball team, but also just generally at the school. We just had our thanks giving trip with the team to Raleigh where I'm now staying for thanks giving. It's kind of like being in heaven to have your own big bed and not share a bathroom with 25 girls even if it´s just for 10 days. I have to stay in shape so I try to still run and eat healthy.
I had a great experience today where I was in this huge gym with the parents of the family I'm staying with and they had three basketball court so I just picked up a ball and started shooting and the dad rebounded for me. I had a good shooting day and hit a lot both inside and outside the three point line and suddenly this huge man come over and say that I have a great shoot, and when he goes away for a second the dad of the family then tells me that he is a retired NBA player who has been playing for the saint Antonio spurs for 17 years and who now works out at that gym every day and recruit guys for the NBA. He then came back and kind of had a private lesson with me for around 30-45 minutes and want´s me to come back sometime this week so he can give me some lesson for free before i go back to school. It was such a crazy experience because we said he had 6 girls he had trained in the WNBA and he had never seen a shoot like mine so it really gave a confidence boost witch I think I needed after we lost our last game. It really felt like I was at the right spot at the right time.
Well I have a ton of those small everyday such's but this one really stood out to me. Homesickness come and go but I get past it.
But happy thanks giving and if you have anyone considering Rabun Gap I would be glad to talk to them, because I know it would have calmed me so much to have talked to someone over here before leaving.
- Josephine