My Exchange year already went by so fast and overall I’m really happy with my experience. I already made really good friends and I got very close to my host family. After 3 months It feels like a second home here. Of course I miss my family and friends back in Germany but I don’t have enough time to be sad about that. I´m really excited about all the up coming experiences and also about my improvements.

In the fall season I did cross country which wasn’t that easy as I thought. But it was a lot fun and I learned new things about me and I also learned to be competitive. We were only 4 people in the whole team but they all got good friends and we had a great time. One of my favorite races was the one at Mt. Sac and I met a lot of different people from the country for example some students from Arizona. It was a really big race and

around 15000 people ran this year.

It was a really good experience and now in the winter season I’m playing basketball which is a lot of fun. Im also really excited about my first game this Tuesday.

In October my school had a volunteer event in Los Angeles which is called Fred Jordan. The event is about helping homeless people and footlocker and In n out burgers gave 5,000 people something to eat and also shoes. My schools job was to help and accompany the people. It was so much fun and I also had to speak a lot of Spanish because most of the homeless only spoke Spanish.

On halloween me and my friends went trick or treating which was a cool experience because a lot of people here decorate their houses. Me and my host family also went to Knotts scary farm which is a theme park. It was so scary because we went when it was dark outside and there were a lot of people walking around and their job was to scare you. Me and my host sister went into a lot of haunted houses which was the scariest but also funniest experience.

We also had a school halloween party which I really liked. I also went to my friends sweet 16 birthday party and she had a photo both were we took some pictures.