Our experience (学生案例)

Coming to the U.S. is the most challenging and smartest decision I have ever made. It is a huge mixture of different physical and mental experiences - not simply just studying and getting to know American culture, but also testing the values and understanding of the world.

For me it wasn't hard to let go from my family for one year, because I didn't realize that this is real. So then I flew to my new home and my new family. I didn't knew how they would react, but it was just awesome. The whole family was there, dad, mom and the two brothers.

Aloha from Hawaii!

I am now almost 2 months here and I love it. I love the island, the people are so nice here an I feel very comfortable. I have seen so many places already.

I arrived here August 29th, so I have been here for 4 weeks. During that time I have done so many things, and experienced a lot. I got settled in my bedroom and spent the first nights at home. My host family gave me time to get my bedroom ready and gave me some space, but kept me busy, which was good because that way I didn't have to much time to think about everything at home.